UK Pension Consulting

Touchstone Advisory provides advice to individuals with existing UK pension entitlements.  We find that many individuals living abroad are lacking the necessary information to make educated decisions surrounding their retirement planning.  Whilst many people still believe in company gold plated pensions, there are major concerns surrounding increased pension deficits. According to JLT employee benefits,

The total deficit in FTSE 100 pension schemes at 31 December 2017 is estimated to be £56 billion.

One of the major reasons for the deficit increase is due to the historically low interest rates and bond yields in the UK.

UK Pension Consulting Process

Our UK Pension Consulting process will help you identify and understand your existing arrangements and the options available to you based on your goals, needs, and objectives.  Below is our 3 step process:

  • Our first step is to arrange an introductory call.  At this stage we will give you an overview of your options based on your personal circumstances.  We will help to walk you through a full analysis without obligation.
  • Our next step is to liaise with your current pension arrangements to gain a full understanding of your future entitlements.
  • Once we have the full picture, we can create a formal recommendation along with a detailed analysis of your options, including Self Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPP)

Defined Benefit Pensions

Defined Benefit (Final Salary) pension analysis requires an independent defined benefit analysis report from a UK based investment adviser that is FCA registered.  This requirement was established in 2015 to protect investors as part of the Pension Freedoms legislation.

Touchstone Advisory, LLC will utilize an independent third party to conduct this analysis.  The independent third party will charge a separate fee for this analysis and this fee will be fully disclosed on a case by case basis.

This thirty party fee does not apply to defined contribution plans since this additional analysis is required only for defined benefit pensions.

For more information on our UK Pension Consulting Process, please contact us

For more information on UK pensions, please visit the Pensions Advisory Service website