Month: October 2019

Monthly Newsletter – October 2019

Our October newsletter provides insights on relevant timely topics we hope you find value reading. We begin with the fourth-quarter market outlook from Lord Abbett’s investment leaders. We also share the latest Ark Invest blog discussing how disruptive innovation saves lives. Finally, we share the most recent monthly commentary from Pacific Asset Management.

Investments: What’s Ahead for the Fourth Quarter?

Lord Abbett investment leaders offer their insights on key fixed income and equity sectors for the remainder of 2019.  The participants identified a number of factors to watch in the months ahead, including U.S. economic growth, corporate leverage, U.S.-China trade tensions, and technological innovation.

Lord Abbett – What’s Ahead for the Fourth Quarter

These Innovations Have the Potential to Save Lives

ARK believes that innovation is changing the way the world works and ultimately making it a better place by saving lives, delivering productivity advancements, empowering users and developers, and reducing the environmental and social externalities of economic growth. Below are a few examples of how disruptive innovation saves lives:

Deep Learning Is Making Rapid Advances in Diagnostic Radiology

Drones Could Save the 20,000 Lives Lost to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Each Year

CRISPR Technology Could Help Feed the Growing Population

Autonomous Vehicles Will Reduce the Chances of Dying in an Auto Accident by Over 80%

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ARK Invest – How Disruptive Innovation Saves Lives

Monthly Market Commentary

“FANG” stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) the poster children of growth stocks fell over the month as investors shunned highly valued technology stocks.

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Pacific Asset Management – October Commentary