Month: July 2019

Monthly Newsletter – July 2019

Our July newsletter provides insights on relevant and timely topics we hope you find value reading. We begin by sharing ideas on what is now officially the longest U.S. economic expansion in history. We also share the latest tax planning strategies from RRBB Accountants & Advisors. Finally, we share the most recent monthly commentary from Pacific Asset Management.

Longest U.S. Economic Expansion in History

The U.S. is officially in its longest economic expansion, surpassing the record of 120 months that occurred from March 1991 to March 2001. However, the overhang from the housing & financial crisis has made this expansion much weaker than past expansions. The cumulative total of quarterly GDP growth figures equals 25%, far lower than previous booms. Expert opinions vary on whether this expansion is going to last. Some believe the Federal Reserve will save the day through cutting interest rates, while some think additional stimulus cannot combat the looming downturn or that the Fed won’t be aggressive enough to stave it off.

Source: CNBC – This is now the longest US economic expansion in history

RRBB July Newsletter

Tax day might seem far away, but waiting until year-end to make your tax moves may prove costly to you. Maximizing your tax savings starts with an effective mid-year strategy! Detailed here are some ideas to kick-start your summer tax planning. This issue also includes some unique and free summer travel destinations, an infographic with key IRS audit information, and five steps to help your business set the right salaries for your employees. The full newsletter is in the link below:

RRBB July Newsletter

Monthly Market Commentary

Our partners at Pacific Asset Management share their latest Market Commentary. Please click the link below to read the latest monthly commentary:

Pacific Asset Management – July Commentary