Month: June 2018

Monthly Newsletter – June 2018

Our June newsletter covers some relevant and timely topics we hope you find value reading.  We begin by sharing our latest improvements to our website and service model.  We are also sharing the article I recently published distinguishing Blockchain Technology & Virtual Currencies.  Finally, our partners at Pacific Asset Management share their latest monthly commentary:



Over the past month, we have made several improvements to our website aimed at providing greater transparency and adding valuable tools & resources for our clients.  Please visit our website and we hope you enjoy the improved experience.  Here are some of the updates we made:

  • Client Portal – We added a Client Portal that provides:
    • Account Login – access to our main third-party custodians for clients to access their account details online.
    • Financial Planning Tools – access to a wide range of tools that help develop and refine personalized financial plans.
  • News – News section where you can find our latest news updates, including this newsletter.
  • Guides – Complimentary access to a wide range of Financial Planning Guides.



Virtual Currencies are digital mediums of exchange such as Bitcoin operating in largely unregulated environments with minimal regulatory oversight. It is critically important to distinguish Virtual Currencies as a controversial, potential medium of exchange for transactions vs. the underlying blockchain technology.  Blockchain is a technology platform that provides a distributed ledger to track and bundle transactions.

To read the full article, click here


Our partners at Pacific Asset Management share their latest Market Commentary.  Please click the link below to read June’s monthly commentary:


We hope you have a wonderful June.  Please contact us if we can be of further assistance.